Randy Houser - Whistlin Dixie tab

			    Whistlin` Dixie  - Randy Houser
Tabbed by: DKBushee
Email: DKBushee@gmail.com

Ok, this is my first tab, so we'll see how it goes.
I think it's almost 100% correct except for some
minor errors here and there. I would love to have input!
Tuning: Db Ab Db Gb Bb Db

Intro: Db|-------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|Gb|-------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|Db|------------------------------0|----------------------------0------------|Ab|---5-3---3-2----3-2---2-0------|---5-3---3-2---3-2---2-0-----------------|Eb|-0-----0-----0------0------3---|-0-----0-----0-----0-----3-----3---------|
Verse:(0:12) Db sus2 Db|----0-----|Bb|----3-----|Gb|----2-----|Db|----0-----|Ab|----x-----|Db|----x-----|
Looks like this:Db|-------0---------0----------0--------------------------------------------|Bb|-------3---------3----------3--------------------------------------------|Gb|-------2---------2----------2--------------------------------------------|Db|-------0---------0----------0--------------------------------------------|Ab|-0-0--------0-0--------0-0-----------------------------------------------|Db|-0-0--------0-0--------0-0-----------------------------------------------|
Hit the chord 6x, the rest four beats after "..And I can only sing like I talk y'all.." and then:
Chorus: Db sus2 C# sus2 F# 6Db|---0---------0----------0--------------------------------------------|Bb|---3---------3----------3--------------------------------------------|Gb|---2---------2----------0--------------------------------------------|Db|---0---------0----------0----------0---------------------------------|Ab|---0---------3----------2----------0---------------------------------|Db|---x---------------------------3~~-0---------------------------------|
CHORDS/ LYRICS Db sus2 Db sus2 Yeah i like to run with the old dogs Db sus2 Db sus2 learn bad habits from my pa pa Db sus2 Db sus2 i got a in with the outlaws and i can only sing like i talk ya'll I like to smoke from my left hand crankin' out stomp and a bar band firin up another when the song ends and hangin out here with my new friends Chorus: Db sus2 Cause im the son of the son of the south C# sus2 F# 6 daddy redneck momma half hippie Db sus2 taught how to talk straight not back C# sus2 F# 6 or my little white butt get a whippin Db sus2 i like catfish cookin on a creek bank C# sus2 F# 6 kind you can't find in the city ya'll I aint just whistlin dixie verse 2 Well i aint scared of a shotgun folk round here we all got one dont give a damn or a dagum if you dont like where i come from i like a girl from a downhome even better th'out a thang on jump in you better hang on fire it up and we're long gone Chorus x2 whistlin dixie... | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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