Randy Newman - Davy The Fat Boy tab

Davy The Fat Boy 

Dm   Am       Dm     Am  
I've been his friend since we were little babies
        Dm             Em           Am         Dm
I was a comfort to his mother and a pal to his dad
  Cm                                            Fm
Before they passed away they said, "please take care of our Davy
Cm             G#             Dm        C    
You may be the only friend he ever will have"

Davy the fat boy, Davy the fat boy
         G               C                
Isn't he round? Isn't he round?
What do he weigh folks? Can you guess what he weigh?
It's only a quarter
Win a teddy bear for the girlfriend
Or something for the wife
C                   E                Am
You got to let this fat boy in your life

I think we can persuade him to do
    D#7                      Bbm
The famous fat boy dance for you
Give me half a chance
F                  G                 C7
I just know you'll like my fat boy's dance

by: José Duarte
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