Randy Newman - Laugh And Be Happy chords

Capo on 2nd fret
Laugh and Be Happy

Some chords aren't totally there, or some are incorrect, but if you're crafty, I 
bet you can finish the song.  No one has posted anything so I thought I'd give it a shot.

C B CI know what's going on here
C E AmAin't no mystery
E Am7Y'all have lost faith in yourselves
D7 G7It's as clear as it can be
C B CYou can whine all you want to
Am AmMaj7Drown in your misery
(G#-D-A#)Or you can listen to me
D7 G7Listen to me
C CMaj7Laugh and be happy
F FmDon't you ever wear a frown
Am7 Em D7, G7Don't let the bastards grind you down
C CMaj7Laugh and be happy
F FmIt's a simple thing to do
Am7 EmBelieve in your dreams
D7 G7And your dreams will come true for you
Am D#(F)Em D#(FD7 G7There'll be a red sun shining in a sky so blue
D#(F) G7 CBlackbirds singing in the trees
Am D#(F Em There's a real silver lining
D#(FD7 G7Up there for me and you
D#(F) Listen to me
G7Listen to me
(Repeat chorus)
Am E7 FMaj7 E7Now the country that we're living in
FMaj7 G7 CHappy Immigrants: You mean the good ol' USA?
CThat's right!
Am Em7 G7 CIt's never been about keeping you out
D7 G7It's about inviting you in and letting you play
C CMaj7Laugh and be happy
F FmDon't you ever wear a frown
Am7 Em Get right back on your feet
D7 G7Whenever they knock you down
C CMaj7You've got to laugh and be happy
F FmSmile right in their face
Am7 Em'Cause pretty soon
D7 G7You're gonna take their place
(Inst. Solo)
Fm C#7They’ll come whack whack whackin' like old man trouble
Fm C#7 FmWhacking on your front door
G# D#They try to send you packin' on the double
G# D# But you ain't going away no more
F FMaj7Laugh and be happy
A# A#mDon't you ever wear a frown
Dm7 Am G7, C7Get right back on your feet whenever they knock you down
F FMaj7Laugh and be happy
A# A#mNow listen to what I say
G7, C7Everything's going to go your way
You’ll be on top of the world
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