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Randy Newman – Ma Belle Evangeline chords

			     MA BELLE EVANGELINE - Randy Newman (performed by Jim Cummings)

This song is from "The Princess and the Frog." Great movie, great song! I believe 
the chords are mostly correct.  
You can listen to the song here:

Tabbed by: anna-leez

Standard tuning
Capo 3

C - F - C - G7

C F CLook how she lights up the sky,
G#7 G7 CMa Belle Evangeline.
C F CSo far above me yet I,
G#7 G CKnow her heart belongs to only me.
F Fm CJe t'adore, Je t'aime, Evangeline,
D7 DYou're my queen of the night,
GSo still,
G7So bright.
C F CThat someone as beautiful as she,
G#7 G7 CCould love someone like me.
C F CLove always finds a way it's true!
G#7 G7 CAnd I love you, Evangeline.
INTERLUDE C - F - C - G#7 - G7 - C x2
G7Love is beautiful,
CLove is wonderful!
D D7 GLove is everything, do you agree?
G7Mais oui!
C F CLook how she lights up the sky,
G#7 G7 CI love you, Evangeline.
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