Randy Newman – Only A Girl chords

Probably the easiest song to play off the Harps and Angels album, but no less great.

AShe's only a girl
And her voice is peculiar
E E7And her eyes are strange
EShe's prone to be willful
E7You try to cheer her up some
ABut she's impervious to change
AShe dresses in black all of the time
E E7Wears an orthopedic shoe
E E7 AIt's some sort of uglification thing that she's into
AShe's a hundred and ten
A7Maybe five foot five
DShe don't eat meat
DmBut she'll eat you alive
AShe's only a girl
EBut she's big time
Instrumental: A / E E7 / E E7 / A
A She's only a girl
And I'll tell you about her
E E7At least all that I know
EShe's from South Carolina
E7And she came out here
AA few years ago
She waits on tables Works in a bank
E E7Volunteers at the zoo
EShe sure ain't lazy
E7But she's very young
AThat's why I called you
She's only a girl Instrumental: A / E E7 / E E7 / A Spoken Word:
A Well man, now you seen her, what do you think?
E E7 Uh-huh...
E E7 Yeah....
AThought you'd say that..
No? Alright, go ahead.
E E7 E'Course I know. No you're wrong there.
E7Now listen:
ALove is blind
A7And deaf as well
DBut I love this girl
DmCan't you tell?
AShe's only a girl
EAnd she loves me
Key Change: Instrumental C / G G7 / G G7 / C
CWhy would someone
C7Beautiful as she
F FmLove someone old like me
CMaybe it's the money
GJeez, I never thought of that
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