Randy Newman - Beehive State tab

The Beehive State
By Randy Newman
In Fm 
Capo III, chords relative to capo

                  Dm   A           Dm
“Since you’re the delegate from Kansas
         Dm      A        Dm
Will you kindly take the floor
            Dm      F        Bb
And tell us what is Kansas thinking
    Bdim    A7     Dm
And what is Kansas for?”

Dm        F        A
Kansas is for the farmer
            Dm       F      A
We stand behind the little man
               Dm       F   Bb
And we need a firehouse in Topeka
   Bdim    A7     Dm
So help us if you can”

       Dm      A        Dm
Ahh da da, da da, da da daa
      Dm      A       Dm
Ah da da, da daaa, da daa
         Dm      F        Bb
Ah da da da, da daaa, da dada 

Bdim     A7     Dm

            Dm    A       Dm
“I see the gentleman from Utah
      Dm      F        A
Our friendly Beehive State
     Dm     F       Bb
How can we help you Utah?
    Bdim    A7     Dm
How can we make ya great?”

         Dm   F          A
We gotta irrigate our deserts
             Dm         F         A
We’ve got to get some things to grow
                 Dm        F            Bb
And we’ve gotta tell this country about Utah
       Bdim   A7   NC
Cause nobody seems to know

Dm A Dm A

Dm A Dm
Dm A Dm
Dm F Bb
over singing, to fade

Dm:   xx0231
A:    x02220
A7:   x02020
F:    133211
Bb:   688766
Bdim: xx3434 

These are the chords as I hear them. An excellent song
from a wonderful debut by a brilliant songwriter.
- Aaron Fritschner
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