Randy Rogers Band – Interstate chords

Randy Rogers 

C EmEmpty suitcase, clothes scattered on the floor
Am FI hardly take the time to unpack anymore
C EmMakin' sure that I, take this all in
Am FBefore you know it I'll be off again
Dm F Ahh what will we do, one more day with you
C G FWe don't have to go anywhere, we don't have to try something new
C G FGirl I really don't care, as long as I'm with you
C G FBaby let's just take a drive, it's already getting late
C G Am G FLets go kiss the sundown, out on the interstate
C EmLets drive through town, down to the lake
Am FWe'll beg the moon to take it's time stealing the day
C EmSo let me hold you, till the stars fill the sky
Am FOne by one I'll watch them dance into your eyes
Dm FAhh we'll take it slow, baby don't you know
Chorus Bridge
Am G FBaby don't waste your time, worried about goodbye
Am G FBaby just close your eyes, and stay right here
Solo Chorus Outro
C G AmLet's go kiss the sundown, out on the interstate
G Am G AmOut on the interstate, Out on the interstate
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