Randy Rogers Band - Too Late For Goodbye chords

Am F C G

F Am Gyou say we need to talk like i don't know
F Am Gyou start speakin soft tryin to break it to me slow
F Am G Cyou say you think we need some time away from us
F Am Gbut baby let me beat you to the punch
Am Fit's too late, it's all gone
C Emyou had your chance, you took too long
Am C F like you always do
C Am Gi won't wait for you
Am Fit's not a game, it's not your choice
C Emmust be strange, to hear my voice
F sayin don't come back this time
G Amit's too late for goodbye
after all the hell you put me through when you started cryin i didn't feel bad for you in fact, it kinda made me smile to see all those tears its the least that you could do for me, my dear (Chorus) (Bridge)
D F Di know where i'll be. somewhere you won't find me
D Fin the arms of someone new
F Dwho ain't a damn thing like you
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