Randy Rogers Band – Interstate chords ver. 2

Randy Rogers 

F       C      G      (x2)

Verse 1
C EmOpen suitcase, clothes scattered on the floor
Am G FI dont take the time to unpack anymore
C EmMakin' sure that I, take this all in
Am G FBefore you know it I'll be off again
Dm G So what should we do, one more day with you
F C G F We dont have to go anywhere, we don't have to try something new
C G FGirl I really don't care, as long as I'm with you
C G Em FBaby let's just take a drive, it's already getting late
G F C GLets go kiss the sundown, out on the interstate
Verse 2
C EmLets drive through town, down to the lake
Am G F We'll beg the moon to take it's time stealing the day
C EmJust let me hold you, till the stars fill the sky
Am G FOne by one I'll watch them dance into your eyes
Dm GAhh we'll take it slow, baby don't you know
Chorus Bridge
Am G/F C F Am Baby lets not waste our time, worried about goodbye
G/F C F C FBaby just close your eyes, and stay right here
[for the F-C-F progression at the end, it progresses down in the roots. The first F uses the 3rd fret 4th string root, the C is played normal, and the second F uses the full barre chord shape] Solo Chorus Outro F C G (x4)
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