Randy Rogers Band – Again chords

Randy Rogers Band – Again

Intro chords: A G A G A G A G - X4Riff:
AOn the floor now, on the floor now
D E AIt started again, yeah it started again
AClose the door now, close the door now
D E AWon’t you let me in, wont you let me in
D'Cause it's been six long days I'm on my way
ANever see the end
DGot a heavy load down a dead end road
B C BAnd I can't sleep again, I can't sleep aga-a-ain
Intro(Riff) Hold the phone now, hold the phone now You're callin' again, wont you call again Say my name girl, say my name girl You know it's a sin, even though it's a sin Chorus Intro (Riff) & Chrous Chords Gotta roll on, gotta roll on Gonna leave you alone, girl not for long Chorus
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