Randy - I Raise My Fist tab

Band:  Randy
Song:  I Raise My Fist
Album: Randy The Band (2005)

I just put the chords to play. You will have to figure out how many times to play them yourselves.  

() = not played on last time before verse* = let ringIntro:|-------------------------------------------------------||---8---------------------------------------------------||---7--7--9---------------------------------------------||---5--7--9--8--10--(5)---------------------------------| x4|------5--7--8--10--(5)---------------------------------||------------6--8---(3)---------------------------------|
Verse:|-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||---------7---------7---5--4--2-----------5--4--2--7----||---5--7--7---5--7--7---5--4--2------3-0--5--4--2--7----| x2|---5--7--5---5--7--5---3--2--0--0h2------3--2--0--5----||---3--5------3--5--------------------------------------| * * * * * * * * *
and then... Intro x 4 Verse x 1 Chorus x 2 Intro x 4 Pretty easy kids. Have fun with it. I didn't include Johan B's lead parts but i can if enough people want them. I'll also do the rest of the album if there is enough interest. If anyone is interested, give me an email at bamberako@gmail.com
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