Rapture - Whoo Alright Yeah tab

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Author/Artist: The Rapture
Title: Whoo! Alright Yeah
Album: Pieces Of The People We Love
Transcribed by: charlie frakes
Email: sk8er_boy_c@hotmail.com

this is the main riff which is repeated for nearly all the song

e-------9--6-6-6-6-6---| b----------6-6-6-6-6---| g--8/10----------------| d----------------------| a----------------------| E----------------------|
or you can do it like this:
e------------13-13-13-13-13---| b--------14--14-14-14-14-14---| g------------15-15-15-15-15---| d--13/15----------------------| a-----------------------------| e-----------------------------| listen to song and you'll get the timing right! i prefer the second one.
sometimes it sounds better without the F(13) from the high e-string, decide yourself as just any b-flat minor!
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