Rascal Flatts – Help Me Remember tab

Help Me Remember
Rascal Flatts
Still Feels Good
Standard Tuning

Chords used:   
	Em     022000
	G2     300033
	E7     X22033
	G     230033
	C2     X23033  
	D     XX0232
	Am     X02210
	CX     320010    (I don’t know what these chords are actually 
	C^     X54030     called so just go along with it and 
	C2^     X54055    e-mail me if you know what they are)

x------------------------------------------------------------xx----------------------------------3-------------------------xx-------1h2--------0h2----------0--0--0h2--------------------x Repeat 2Xx-----------2-----------------2------------------------------xx-----2---------2--------3-3---------------------------------xx--0----------3----------------------------------------------x
E G2 E7 G C2 I know that you're leaving, as soon as the sun C2 E7 G2 C2 D E7 comes through the window, there's no talking this over G2 Am C The damage is done. There's just too much hurt C E7 C2 Too much to forgive, Oh no, but we both know E7 G C2 We weren’t always like this. Help me remember C2 D E7 G C2 The way that it used to be, D E7 G2 When nothing else mattered C2 D E7 G E7 D Cause you were lovin me, E7 just for the night C2 C One last time, one more good memory C I look back that's what I see REPEAT INTRO E7 G C2 D Help me remember, Those days that were so good Em G Am CX Those nights that we held, held on forever CX C C^ Em CX Am When we were pretenders, we were as real as we felt Am C E7 Oh, but I don't want to cry anymore E7 C2 Don't want the last thing I hear tonight C2 To be a slammin door, baby let it be like before C2^ E G C2 D E7 G C2 Help me remember the way that we used to be C2 E7 C2 D E7 G C2 D When nothin else mattered, cause you were lovin me E7 D C2 Just for the night, one last time, one more good memory C2 I look back, that's what I want to see C2 D C2 D D Am C This could be the last time, I look in your eyes
x------------------------------------------------------------xx----------------------------------3-------------------------xx-------1h2--------0h2----------0--0--0h2--------------------x x-----------2-----------------2------------------------------xx-----2---------2--------3-3---------------------------------xx--0----------3----------------------------------------------x (begin to play into again) Help me remember,
E7 G C2 The way that we used to be D E7 G C2 D E7 G when nothing else mattered, cause you were lovin me C2^ E7 G C2 C2^ E7 G C2 D Oh Oh E7 G C2 D E7 E7 G C2 D E7 Help me remember Help me remember Strum these chords E7 G C2 C2^ Em C C2 End picking on Em. Harmonic G B E strings on 12th fret Questions? Comments? e-mail me at january.friend@hotmail.com
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