Rascal Flatts – Winner At A Losing Game chords

Intro: C, Em7, G, D (2x) (i alternate Dsus4 when the D chord comes around, which 
makes it more accurate, and better sounding. doing this pattern: D, Dsus4, D, 
Dsus4. and i play a Dsus4 At the fade out end, because again, it sounds better.)

CBaby, look here at me
Em7Have you ever seen me this way
GI've been fumblin' for words
Through the tears and the hurt and the
C I'm gonna lay it all out
Em7On the line tonight
GAnd I think that it's time
DTo tell this uphill fight goodbye
CHave you ever had to love someone
Em7That just don't feel the same
GTryin' to make somebody care for you
The way I do
DIs like tryin' to catch the rain
CAnd if love is really forever
Em7 G DI'm a winner at a losin' game
CI know that baby, you tried
Em7To find me somewhere inside of you
GBut you know you can't lie
DGirl, you can't hide the truth, oh no
C Sometimes two hearts
Em7Just can't dance to the same beat
GSo I'll pack up my things
DAnd I'll take what remains of me
Repeat Chorus
C Em7 I know that I'll never be the man that you need or love
GYeah, baby it's killin' me to stand here and see
DI'm not what you've been dreamin' of
Repeat Chorus
COh, oh, if love is really forever
Em7 G DI'm a winner at a losin' game
C Em7 Ooo, I'm tired of losing
G D C Em7 G Dsus4 Oh, oh, oh
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