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Rascal Flatts – See Me Through chords

See Me Through - Rascal Flatts
Album: Rascal Flatts
Writers: Gary Levox/Bruce Miller/Eddie Schwartz

**Capo 2**

Intro: A  A  E  B  A  E  B

ABefore we met I was free
E B C#mI never had to worry about anyone but me
ANow that boy is gone and in his place
E B C#m AIs a man who needs to hold you night and day
G CSo if I stumble, if I fall
Am7 D Dsus DForgive me, Iam just learning as I go along
E ASee me through, see me through
C#m BThis aching heart has come so far
E ATo be with you, see me through
C#m BWith angel eyes, just look inside
F#m E A BAt all this lo--ve I never want to lose
A E BSee me through, oh yeah
AI know sometime I let you down
E B C#mBut Iam still getting used to having you around
AAnd if I ever make you cry
E B C#m AThereas nothing I wonat do to make things right
G CIam not perfect and thatas for sure
Am7 D Dsus DA little time is all Iam asking for
F#m ESee me through this mask I wear
A BWell, Iam almost there, you know I care
F#m E A BI am the man you always thought you kn--ew
CHORUS E A C#m B (repeat with ad-lib to fade)
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