Rascals – How Do I End This tab

Fun song to play. Tabbed by joetp. Any queries email: joetp_10@msn.com.

Introda da da da etc..E|--2-2-2-2----------12---------7-|B|--2-2-2-2----------12---------7-|G|--2-2-2-2----------12---------7-|D|--4-4-4-4----14---------9-------|A|--4-4-4-4-------14---------9----|E|--2-2-2-2--12---------7---------| x2
Verse: F#m Em Misinterpreted things as I scrutinise her with my eyes Bm She seemed surprised- And she glanced at the F#m (Strummed sharp) F#m Em New love she'd seen as she hovered between letting go Bm She holds back and lets love (Bridge) Dm F#m (picked, like the last two chords of the intro) Descend, on you.. Chorus C#m Ooooohhh Bm F#m Em It's a foregone conclusion C#m ohhhhhh Bm F#m Em The decision was made Bm F#m Em How do I end this? Bm F#m Em How do I end this? Bm F#m Em How do I end this? Bm F#m Em Solo
E|------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--11--9--11--11--9--11--11--9--11--11--9--7--6--9--7--6--4--2--0--|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------| x2
Verse 2 played the same as the 1st Interlude
E|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|--7--10--7--------7--10--7--------|D|------------9--7------------9--7--|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------| (Played over and over, progressively getting strings less muted as it goes on)
So I scratch on the floor And I wait for more The rumours flew about They all blew around Chorus played again.. Bm played over the bass riff till the song ends.. Thats about it.. Love the song, hope you enjoy it.. tabbed by joetp..
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