Rasmus – Im A Mess chords

This song has not have any chords,but I tried to do it. If it is not correct,sorry!


The rasmus-I m a mess


I don t know who I am
FAm I even human?
G EEvery night I sell my soul
AmI forgot your birthday
FAnd I m dressed in rags
G D I shouldn t drink, I ll lose control
EAnd I know…
FI m a mess
CBut at least I know how
G D EI can make you laugh like no one else
FSuch a mess
CBut at least I ve always been myself
Dwithout no magic spells
EOh no
No one knows my secret No one knows my heart Cause it s always on the run I don t know what I m doing I don t know where I m going And I don t even know where I come from I confess…
F G Say you ll stay
C D cause it s more than just an ordinary day
F GBefore you go
C DThere is something that you need to let me know
F GBefore you leave
C DHowever cruel your answer is
E Be honest please
G EI’m waiting on my knees
Will you stand by me finally the day when we grow old Would you fall asleep right next to me when my hands are cold I m a mess But at least I know how I can make you shine like no one else Such a mess But at least I ve always been myself without no magic spells
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