Rasmus - Used To Feel Before tab

Artist : The Rasmus ( Best Band Ever ! )
Song : Used To Feel Before
Album : Into Special Edt. 

Riff 1

e |-------------------|H |-------------------|G |--9-9-7-9-9-9-7-14-|D |--9-9-7-9-9-9-7-14-|A |--7-7-5-7-7-7-5-12-|E |-------------------|
( Do this a few times ) Riff 2
e |--------------|H |--------------|G |--11-11-10-11-|D |--11-11-10-11-|A |--9--9--8--9--|E |--------------|
When you know how to play the solo , then send it to me . ( schattenkrieger2005@hotmail.de )
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