Rasmus - Ps tab

Artist : The Rasmus     |
Song : PS.              |
Album/Single : Peep/-   |

INTRO (00:01 min. ) 

G D D# G D C G D D#e|-3--2--3----3--2--0----3--2--3------------------|H|-0--3--4----0--3--1----0--3--4------------------|G|-0--2--3----0--2--0----0--2--3--3-2-0-2-0---0-2-|D|-0--0-------0--0--2----0--0---------------4-----|A|-2----------2-----3----2------------------------|E|-3----------3----------3------------------------|
I dont knwo how to exactly play the part after 00:16 min. , but i think its something like this : i think they use a wah pedal
Verse : G C G C My big sister is the best of all the sisters in the world. G C G C She says enjoing of the life is main thing , i agree with her. G C G C She's standing by me when i've got hard times , i like about her prescence G C G C Even if i fight with her sometimes its pretty easy to make friends . Chorus & Outro : it's the same like the intro
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