Raspberries - Im A Rocker tab

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After 'Tonight' and 'Ecstasy' on _Side 3_ Eric had to *tell* people he's
a rocker?

                             "I'm A Rocker"
                             (Eric Carmen)


	4X (band enters 3rd time):

v v v v v v v v ---------5-------|------5-5---------| ---5-----5-------|---5--5-5---------| ---7b9-----------|---7b9----7p5-----| -----------------|--------------7-7-| -----------------|----------------0-| -----------------|------------------|
Verse 1: A [lead guitar repeats intro riff] Back beat boogie got a hold on me, make me wanna jump and shout D Dsus4 D Twisting like a top, I never want to stop tonight Pre-chorus: F#m C# You surely look like a [1, 3: magazine 2: movie queen] D A And you can move like I've never seen C# D Reelin' and a-rockin, babe B/D# E /D /C# /B Come on and dance with me Chorus: [repeat 2X]: A [lead guitar repeats intro riff] I'm a rocker, I'm a roller I been a-boogieing since I ditched the stroller E A So come on hold me tight D E A [1st repeat: E] And we can rock the night away Verse 2: Tight booted teenie with the smiling face Make me want to smile and shake Come on out today and shimmy like a rattlesnake [repeat chorus] Bridge: D I get this feeling when I hear that beat A I gotta jump and get up on the table D 'Cause when that rhythm and blues electrifies my shoes B [N.C.] E I get the message like it came by cable (Hey!) [guitar solo over chorus chords] [repeat bridge] [repeat verse 1 and pre-chorus] [repeat chorus] Coda: E A D E A Hold me tight and we can rock the night away E A D E A So come on, hold me tight and we can rock the night away guitar 1:
(A) v v v v v v v v ----17----------17--------|-------------------------| -------20----------20-----|-------------------------| ---------19b21-------19b21|r19-17----2--------------| --------------------------|-------19-2--------------| --------------------------|----------0--------------| --------------------------|-------------------------|
(guitar 2 plays a contrasting part that I can't pick out of the near-mono mix) -- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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