Raspberries - Partys Over tab

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                             "Party's Over"
                             (Wally Bryson)


	drum beat (4 bars; cowbell enters 3rd bar)

	guitar [4X]:

E D A5 v v v v v v v v /4\0-----3-2---5*|-----------------| ---------3-3---5*|-----------------| /4\1-----2-2---2-|-----------------| ---------------2-|-----------------| ---------------0-|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| * 2nd time only
Verse 1: E A When we started it was a lot of fun E A And the times we had I'll never forget E A But now I'm older and wiser and a bit of a miser E A And it's crazy but I don't want to quit Chorus: E Dsus4 D A Now ain't it a shame, the party's over E Dsus4 D A Yeah, we couldn't keep foolin' around E Dsus4 D A Ain't it a shame, the party's over E Dsus4 D A Yeah, we got to keep our feet on the ground Verse 2: Broken-hearted, it ain't a lot of fun Though I have to I can never forget And so I'm older and brighter and a bad criticizer And I'm crazy but I don't give a shit [repeat chorus] Guitar solo: E D A / / / / / / / / [10X] Verse 3: E/B A/C# My old lady don't see a lot of love E A/F# But my guitar, I give it all it can get E/G# A So it's performin' and writin' and party all night E/B A And call me crazy, but I ain't gonna quit [repeat chorus] Coda (repeat chorus chords to fade): The party's over (There are things to realize) The party's over Yeah, I'm crazy but I don't give a shit The party's over -- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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