Ratcat - Dont Go In The Water tab

(V1)	E
	Me and my girl were thinking of what to do
	She said: let's go swimming
	So we walked down to the shore
	And we watched the waves come in
	I didn't know then, now, what I'm telling you

(CH)	B                     C        D          E
	Don't go in the water, because I am so afraid

(V2)	She took all her clothes off, she went swimming
	In the water up to her pretty neck
	Oh I stood on the shore
	And I watched her swim around
	The next thing I knew, she was going down
	(I wish she'd listened to me)

(Chorus)  Oh, I'm so afraid

(Solo)	E (just high strings)////  /////   (x 4)

A B|-2----| x 2 G|----2-|
E (just high)//// ///// (x 2)
B C E|----2-----2-----2-----------2--------3-----3-------| B|-------------------4-----4--------------------5----| G|-4-----4-----4--------4--------4--5-----5--------5-| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------|
D E|----5--------5-------| B|-7-----7--------7----|
G|----------7--------7-| then E chord D|---------------------| A|---------------------| E|---------------------|
(V3) Well I didn't know what to do, my girlfriend she was drowning She was coughing and a-spluttering right in front of my face Well I, I cannot swim to save my own life But I don't wanna see my girlfriend die (I wish she'd listened to me) (Chorus) I'm so afraid (End) A / / E ( x lots - fade out) P.s. Racat are a signed band, I just cant find their website.
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