Raven Black Night - Ancient Mist tab

ANCIENT MIST - Raven Black Night

Their site:
They aren't a huge band, so don't have an astoundingly detailed site.

My email, should there be any problems:

A pretty fun song from a good Aussie band! Kind of upbeat old school doom metal/hard rock
A great jamming riff for when you're sitting with your mates and want something cool to 
and shred insanely to

Anyway, down to business

Standard tuning (EADGBe)

|  /   slide up
|  \   slide down
|  h   hammer-on
|  p   pull-off
|  ~   vibrato
|  +   harmonic
|  x   Mute note
| 0x   'Crunch' the note (hold finger on fret, do not press down)
| (2)  ghost/optional note

Play the intro until the Black Knight starts growling, then play this:
Then repeat all these patterns until this solo riff:
There is a crazy shred solo here, it goes for ages then theres a bass solo and a final singing bit (still this riff though), then the riff fades out... Ok thats it for Ancient Mist, there'll be more Raven to come though as work progresses Gothic Black and Blood On My Wings Have fun!!
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