Raventhrone – Endless Conflict Theorem tab

Raventhrone - Endless Conflict Theorem
From the album "Endless Conflict Theorem"
Tabbed by Ken Hoffmeyer (TheOldMansChild@aol.com)

Standard tuning (EADGBe)
. = palm mute
/ = slide

This is a very basic tab and is just going to be the main riffs.
There are variations to some of the riffs such as differences
in palm muting, but you can figure out those for yourself.  The
riff still says the same so you don't have to worry about
different chords/notes.  Also, the tab picks up at 1:20 into the
song where the guitar comes in, I'm not wasting my time tabbing
out a harp part.  Figure out where the stuff is for yourself,
the song is very simple.  Also, the first half of the song is in
12/8 time, so it has a triplet feeling.

Riff A (repeats several times)|------------------||------------------||---------------5--||-7777775555555555-||-7777775555555535-||-55555533555555-3-| . . . . . . .
Riff B (played 4 times)|------||------||-5----||-5-57-||-3-57-||---35-|
The variation of Riff A played after Riff B is simply the same thing, except without palm muting and straight triplet picking (it's in 12/8 time). Then Riff A is played again except ALL palm muted. The song then changes to 4/4 time.
Riff C (played several times under a lead)|------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------||-5555555555555555-------------------------------------------------||-5555555555555555555555555555555533333333333333335555555555555555-||-3333333333333333555555555555555533333333333333335555555555555555-||-----------------333333333333333311111111111111113333333333333333-| (each chord is played 16 times, twice per beat)
Lead over Riff C|-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-9--12--10-9-7--7-9-7--7-5-5-4-5--7-9-7--||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
There are some variations to Riff C, such as palm muting. But the chords stay the same, so figure it out for yourself. Also, this riff is played a couple times...it is just a stripped down version of the lead.
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