Ray Boltz - Always Be A Child chords version 2

Hi guyz! I'm Jessica from the Philippines and I really love this song
hope you like it too.. !

Intro: G C G Em D

G C GI was there when you drew the breath of life
G EmAnd I could hear your voice
C DThe first time that you cried
GAnd though you couldn't see me
Em CI was very near
GAnd there's something now
D GThat I want you to hear
G C GYou will always be a child in my eyes
GAnd when you need some love
C DMy arms are open wide
GAnd even when you're growing old
Em CI hope you realize
G D GYou will always be a child in my eyes
G C GAnd I was there the first time that you prayed
G C DAnd I heard all the promises you made
GAnd when you fell before me
Em CCrying father I have sinned
G I picked you up
D GAnd held you close again.
(Repeat Chorus) :">
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