Ray Charles – Lets Go Get Stoned tab

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                         "Let's Go Get Stoned"
                     (Ashford - Simpson - Armstead)


        [piano (l.h. bass) w/drums]

        . / /  / / /


          Db   F7      Bb7              Ebm Db7/F Gb6
        (Let's go get stoned) [1: yeah] (whoa-oh-oh)
             Gb6/Ab     Db          Ab+       Db
        (Let's go get stoned) [1: everybody]
                              [2: now wait a minute]

[repeat chorus]

Verse 1:

        Db9              Gb9
        You know my baby     she won't let me in
        Db9                    Gb9
        I've got a few pennies     I'm gonna buy myself a bottle of gin
        Db                  F7           Bbm      Db7/Ab  Gb     Gdim7
        And then I'm gonna call my buddy     on the telephone and say
        Gb6/Ab         Db     [1: Ab+            Db]
        (Let's go get stoned)         Now listen

[repeat chorus]

Verse 2:

        You know I work so hard all the day long
        Everything I try to do   seem to always turn out wrong
        That's why I wanna stop by   on my way home and say
        (Let's go get stoned)   Now let me tell you one more thing

[repeat chorus]


        Gb7           Bbm
        Ain't no harm     to have a little taste
        Gb7                      Db7
        But don't lose your cool     and start messing up the man's place
        Gb7           Bbm
        Ain't no harm     to take a little nip
        Gb7                     Eb7               Ab7
        But don't you fall down     and bust your lip  mmm, no, no

[repeat chorus to fade:]

        3: I think everybody wants to come on and go with me
        4: I'm gonna tell you one more time what I'm gonna do
        5: I think you ought to say it one more time

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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