Ray Charles – The Jealous Kind chords


G D7Girl, don't be angry if I seem rude each time we meet
GSomeone that you once knew, that you say used to be so close to you
G7 C Am7It's just that I'm so afraid someone might steal you away, girl, and I'd lose my mind
D7 D G DSo please forgive me for the way I act sometimes 'cause I'm the jealous kind
G D7It was alright when I first met you, girl I didn't mind
GBut now things have changed, you know I'm not the same and now I find
G7 C Am7I want you all to myself, I don't wanna share you with nobody else
D7 GAnd I can't help it if I, I sometimes cry 'cause I'm the jealous kind
[Solo] D7 (F7 C7) G7 D7 (F7 C7) G7 D7 Baby, let me say one more thing to you
G G7 D7If you only knew how much it hurts me just to hear you say
GHow you can't forget that before we met those were the good old days
G7 C A7Why must you hurt me so? I can't stand it no more and I'm really trying
D7 GGirl I just can't control these tears from my eyes, yes, I'm the jealous kind
D7 (F7 C7) G7 D7 (F7 C7) G
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