Ray Davies - Cowboys In Vietnam tab

Hello Guitar World peepz!
This is my first tab fo real, and I'm not a great guitar player (I prefer punk as a 
genre), so don't be too harsh, although I shall await the hordes and their critiques, which 
certainly inevitable.
For my first attempt at guitarism, I hath tabbed a song by none other than Ray Davies 
ye olden Kinks. The song I chose is Cowboys in Vietnam from the album Workingman's Cafe.

This is le intro...|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------------------------||-------------------0-2(hold for 3)-||-2--(hold for 7)-2-----------------||-0---------------------------------|The above timing is approximate, I'm not a very technical player, but I think it works to about those measures. If not, feel free to tear me a new one, as I've seen most ppl do the comment section (if anyone else even likes this song...)
The "main riff" of the song, which seems to be present at certain times, is this I believe...
I also think the chorus alternates between G and C, possibly a Cadd9 in there for the guitar. Thats it for now, I shall try to update it, but please add input if you know/like the or if you just wanna take out some critic rage!
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