Ray Lamontagne – Hannah tab

G D Em Bm C   (x2)

G    D/F#        Em    Bm      C               G
I lost all of my vanity when I peered into the room
G      D/F#      Em        Bm
I lost all of my innocence 
       C                 G
When I fell in love with you
G           D/F#          Em     Bm           C     G 
I never knew a man could fall so far until I landed here 
G             D/F#        Em          Bm           C           G     
But all of my wounds they turned into gold when I kissed your hair 

C              G
Now come to me Hannah 
C                             D
Hannah won't you come home to me 
G            D/F#      C/E         G 
And I'll lay down this bottle of wine 
          D       C       G
If you'll just be kind to me 

(Play intro chords)
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