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Ray Lamontagne – Crazy Acoustic chords

Crazy (Ray Lamontagne)

tabbed by Azathoth

Hi i could'nt find good chords of that song nowhere on this site so i decided to 
find them myself and put them down for everybody to be able to play this song good.

To play the song easier i tuned the guitar one whole step down in D :  

here are the chords (the positions of the chords being those of the Am, G, Dm, E,
E7 and A normal chords in the normal E tune, but here it's different names of chords and yet with the same positions cause we're in D) :
Gm F Cm D D7 G
if you wanna keep your guitar in the normal tune (e,B,G,D,A,e)
just play the same chords (Gm, F, Cm, D, D7, G) in their normal positions, i'll give you the normal positions of these chords in the normal E tunes at the bottom
of the page. For the rythm just listen to the song ... and there's the song : Crazy Intro : Gm Verse 1 :
Gm I remember when
F I remember, when I lost my mind
Cm There was something so pleasant about that face
Even your emotions had an echo
D D7 GmIn so much space
And when you're out there Without care
FI was out of touch
CmIt wasn't because I didn't know enough
D I just knew too much
Chorus 1 :
Gm Does that make me crazy
F Does that make me crazy
CmDoes that make me crazy
D GProbably
Verse 2 :
FAn I hope that you are having the time of your life
CmOh but think twice
D D7 GmThat's my only advice
Come on now Who do you
FWho do you think you are
Woah Woah
CmBless your soul
D D7 Do you really think that you're in control
Chorus 2 :
Gm Well I think you're crazy
FI think you're crazy
CmI think you're crazy
D D7 GJust like me, yeah
Verse 3 : My heroes had the heart
F To lose their lives out on a limb
CmAn all I remember
D GmIs thinking I wanna be like them
F Ever since I was little it looked like fun
CmIt was no coincidence that I've come
D I can die when I'm done
Chorus 3 :
Gm Maybe I'm crazy
FMaybe you're crazy
CmMaybe we're crazy
D Probably
Outro : Gm F Cm D D7 Gm F Cm D Gm And here are the normal postions of the song's chords if you play with a normal E tuning (e, B, G, D, A ,E) : Gm F Cm D D7 G
you can also play them this way if you prefer : Gm F Cm D D7 G
there you go people. Alex
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