Ray Lamontagne – To Love Somebody chords ver. 2

"To Love Somebody"
(Ray Lamontagne and Damien Rice Cover)


        Down Down Up Up Down (DownUpDownUp)



	G   F   C   G

Verse 1:

G Am There's a light
C A certain kind of light
G F That never shone on me
G I want my life to be
D To live with you
C To live with you
There's a way Everybody says To do each and every little thing But what does it bring If I ain't got you Ain't got... baby Chorus:
G D You don't know what it's like
C G Baby, you don't know what it's like
D To love somebody
C To love somebody
G The way I love you
Verse 2: Mmm, in my brain I see your face again I know my frame of mind You ain't got to be so blind And I'm blind, so so so very blind I'm a man, can't you see what I am I live and I breathe for you But what good does it do If I ain't got you Ain't got... baby Play your favourite song today, TheCoppers
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