Ray Lamontagne - Truely Madly Deeply tab

Ok, this song is legendary. But it needs three acoustic guitars to be played in full,
just one playing the top riff, which sounds equally as powerful.

Now, the chords played in the background are D/A - x04232
                                             Bm7 - x24232
                                           Aadd9 - x02425
                                               G - 355433
All played with the thumb on a downstroke, listen and you can hear it.
The pattern for the chord are D/A x 4 (2 of them intro)
                              Bm7 x 2
                            Aadd9 x 2
                                G x 2
                              D/A x 2
                              Bm7 x 2
                            Aadd9 x 2
                                G x 2
                              D/A x 1
                            Aadd9 x 1
                        then  D/A X to fade, 3 or 4 bars

Now the pattern for the picking is below, IT IS FOR 2 GUITARS. I have just put them on
same tab. It is important that you hold the note, on most of them, to achieve the awesome
that the song carries. This comnes in after the first 2 bars of D/A, listen to song for 
very important.

I'm just gonna say it again, the tab above is for 2 guitars to be played but sounds still as good if you start on the 5 on the e string on your own, just get the timing hold the notes right, and you'll sound like a god. My pleasure
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