Ray Scott - My Kind Of Music chords version 2

                                       Ray Scott - MY KIND OF MUSIC

Chords by 0GibsonLesPaul0

INTRO:  A   |   E     

A EOh, I met this girl I swore was close to perfect.
E AI could see the ring, the dress, and the whole nine yards.
A DI had a country station on and she reached and turned it.
D E ASaid she couldnt stand the sound of a steel guitar.
A EWe hit the town to catch an early movie.
E AAnd ol' Kris Kristofferson played the leading role.
A DI said "That's my man!" She said "Who's he?"
A E AI jumped up and said "Girl, we gotta go!"
A EShe dont like to play my kinda music.
E AShe's never heard a Waylon Jennings song.
A DShe's never been a fan of Willie Nelson.
A D ASo there aint no way in hell we'll get along.
A EShe told me she thinks country musics hokey.
E AShe said "You can't dance to it, and all the songs are sad."
A DI cocked my eyebrow and said "You must be jokin!"
A E A"Ain't no excuse for havin taste that bad."
A EThen I asked her if she'd heard of Alan Jackson.
E AAnd she said "Didn't he sing that song called 'Where Were You?'"
A DI said "Ya, but girl, that man's a livin' legend."
A E AAnd she said "Really? I thought he was new."
A EShe dont like tp play my kinda music.
E AShe's never heard of David Allan Coe.
A DShe can't get enough of Whitney Houston.
A E AAnd I'm thinkin "Lord, that's all i need to know."
--------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUMENTAL: A | E | A | D | A --------------------------------------------------------- this part is palm muted / really quiet
A ESo when the night was over i walked her to her door.
E AAnd i bid that girl an overdue farewell.
A DAnd without a good night kiss i jumped back in my truck.
A E ATurned on some Hank and cranked it loud as hell.
A EShe don't like to play my kinda music.
E AShe don't know Sunday morning comin down.
A DShe can't see what's so cool about he stopped lovin' her today.
A E AOr angel flying to close to the ground.
A EShe told me that she sorta likes the Eagles.
E AShe couldn't name one hit by Johnny Cash.
A DNo, she don't like to play my kinda music.
A E ASo i had to tell that girl to kiss my ass!
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