Raye Collin – Love Me tab ver. 2

[C]I read a [Em]note my [Am]grandma wrote,
Back i[F]n 1[[G]92[C]3.
Grandpa [Em]kept it [Am]in his coat,
And he [Dm]showed it once to [G]me.
He said, [C]Boy, you [Em]might not [Am]understand, 
But a [F]long, long [G]time [C]ago,
Grandma's [Em]daddy didn't [Am]like me [F]none,
But I [G]loved your grandma so.

[C]We had this [Em]crazy [Am]plan to meet,
[F]And run [G]away toge[C]ther,
Get married [Em]in the the [Am]first town we cam [Dm]to,
And live [G]forever.
[C]But nailed [Em]to the [Am]tree where we were
Sup[F]posed to [G]meet in[C]stead,
I [Em]found this [Am]letter[F],
And [G]this is what it [C]sa[F]id.[C]

{c: Chorus}
If you [F]get there be[G]fore I [C]do,
[F]Don't give [G]up on [C]me.
I'll [F]meet you when my [G]chores are [Am]through.
[Dm]I don't know how long I'll [G]be.
But I'm [F]not going to [G]let you [C]down,
[F]Darling, [G]wait and [Am]see.
And [F]between now and [G]then,
'Til I [E]see you [Am]again,
I'll be [F]loving you[G].
Love, [C]Me.

I read those words just hours before,
My grandma passed away,
In the doorway of the church,
Where me and grandpa stopped to pray.
I know I'd never seen him cry,
In all my fifteen years.
But as he said these words to her,
His eyes filled up with tears.

{c: Chorus (repeat last line) }

{c: transcribed by Nick Seidenman}
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