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Razor Stainz – Snap Back tab

artist: RAZOR STAINZ (new group), song: SNAP BACK.
Tabbed by B.
EBGD-222222-333-5-55 Play 5x Throughout verse.A-222222-333-5-55E-000000-111-3-33
ChorusEBGD-7654302-2 A-7654302-2E-5432100-0
Lyrics Razor....blowin my mind. manson doin' his time Leave you....for a buffet of red wine. Never....take a 10 pounder off of his line chorus snap back your hips you gotta feel the change feel the change. verse little....boys feeling undressed by his eyes... oh god....cant take the pierce of his stare yeah. medusa...looked at him and died F@ckin' scared. :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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