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Keep the Right Profile
Somewhere Else B-side

This is a really easy B-side. 2 chords in the verse and 2 chords in the chorus.

Guitar 1: Johnny (presumably) Rhythm INTRO/VERSE/BRIDGE chords


e-7B-7G-7 upstrokesD-xA-xE-x
Ge-7B-8G-7 upstrokesD-xA-xE-x
INTRO - Guitar 1 plays B and G ska chords as and when needed Guitar 2 plays below:
e---------12--|-----|B-5s12-12---12|*0000|G-------------|-----|D-------------|-----|A-------------|-----|E-------------|-----| *Let delay & reverb ring in this bar with tremelo picking
VERSE 1 Guitar 1 - Ska chords B & G upstrokes as and when needed Guitar 2 - plays lead in a call and answer fashion with lyrics eg.
*muted harmonice-----------------------------|----------------|--------|B--------------------*12121212|----------------|*5555777|G-----------------------------|----------------|--------|D-----------------------------|----------------|--------|A-----------------------------|----------------|--------|E-----------------------------|----------------|--------|
B G Keep the right profile, Eat the right food B G Keep the right profile you do what you do You keep it all tied up, you keep it all time. You don't stay in bed all morning. Don't stay up all night B (Em-guitar2) When you're gone, you won't come back.
e---------7-5-0-2----|B----------------0000| Guitar 2 plays this riffG--------------------|D--------------------|A--------------------|E--------------------|You got to...Keep the right profile all the time.
CHORUS E (fret 12) [And it's a wonderful] Life B (fret 7) Yes it's a wonderful life E Yes it's a wonderful life E When you do what you like VERSE2 Guitar1 - Same ska chords B G Guitar2 - Intro riff, then VERSE fill as before
e---------12--|-----|B-5s12-12---12|*0000|G-------------|-----|D-------------|-----|A-------------|-----|E-------------|-----| *you could kick your amp and let the spring reverb simulate this sound
I heard about your problem, I know you got your share. I don't care that much though, your daddy's a millionaire He keeps the right profile, he keeps her tied up with string but all your fake tears, easy money, you don't mean a thing to me B Em(guitar2) When you're gone, you won't come back.
You got to...Keep the right profile all the time. CHORUS As before SOLO Improvise around the riffs already used incorporating verse chord notes. Let the reverb & delay do the work! BRIDGE When you're gone gone, you won't come back when you're gone, you don't come back Keep the right, keep the right etc. e-19-17-12-14--|
B------------12| Last riff before breaking for the chorus G--------------| D--------------| A--------------| E--------------|
Keep the right profile all the time CHORUS E + B repeat to end For (The) Little Sister(s), EU Directive or whatever other name we came up with.
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