Reality Addiction – Bleeding Through chords

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Reality Addiction
Bleeding Trough
Key: AmCapo: 2 but best played with power chords
Intro tab:e|0-5-0-5-0-5-0-5|0-7-0-7-0-7-0-7-|0-8-0-8-0-8-0-8-|0-10-0-10-0-8-0-7-8-|B|---------------|----------------|----------------|--------------------|G|---------------|----------------|----------------|--------------------|D|---------------|----------------|----------------|--------------------|A|---------------|----------------|----------------|--------------------|E|---------------|----------------|----------------|--------------------|
AmReach down deep inside me
GAnd pull out what you can
CFrom a heart that beating empty
DmIn the time that going way too fast
Am GCause my senses are failing
C Dm Am And every nerve ending has lost its touch
GThe fear is escaping
C DmSomeone help me I can't stop
Am GSome where inside me
C DmI know I must feel something
Am GFeelings have numbed me
C DmNow the person inside is bleeding through
Instrumental break:Am, G, Am, G
AmTry to hold on yo
GThe better part of me
CBut I can not feel anything
DmAnd nothing feels in me
Am GCause my body is shaking
C DmAnd I can't stop this rage from boiling up
Am GMy will power's caving
C DmSomeone help me I can't stop
(Chorus) Instrumental Break: Am, G, C, Dm, [Repeat] (Chorus X2) Last Chord: Am Notes: -I'm probably going to be posting a tab for the lead guitar soon. Its a real easy song. -Again power chords work best -Questions, Corrections, Comments welcomed and more info will be on my blog.
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