Reamonn – Just Another Night tab

The text is transcriped from the album booklett. Nice to play, even vor beginners.

Intro: Am - C - G - Am - C - G

[AM) She wakes up cold, reaching for his [C] arms 
But there's [G] no one there 
[Am] She feels so olk, she falls [C] apart 
As she [G] fights back tears 
and then she [Dm] curls up small And feels like she's [F] alone 
here in hell

And then she starts to [Em] scream: I deserve more 
She's [F] runing out of time, yeah, she's running out of time...

Chorus (What ever and how often you sing, it's always the same to do with the guitar): 
Oh, [Am] tonight is just a[C]nother night, just like any [G] other night.

Then she climbs inside and orders him to drive
 To drive anywhere 
He said: Hey you, there's no need to cry 
And he began to stare 
And then she curls up small and feels like she's alone 
Here in hell 
Then she'd start to scream: I deserve love 
I'm running out of time, yeah, I'm running ot of time

Oh tonight...
Am - C - G
Oh, Oh, Oh...

In this worn down streets,  blinded by the neon lights 
She feels turned away 
She stands up streight and takes some air 
It's just another bad day 
Bridge (the seccond part of the verse in a short Version):
And then she [Dm] screams out loud You've [F] made a mess of your life, you won't make a mess of mine.

Oh tonight...
Oh tonight...
Oh, Oh, Oh...

And then sche [Dm] screams out loud as she's raising through the crowd 
She screams at [F] the top of her voice: I'm taking back what's mmine

Oh, tonight, is just another night, in just another life

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