Reba Mcentire – Somebody tab

Intro: C(9) D/C C(9) Dsus C(9) 
C(9) Dsus

     G                G2                G
At a diner down on Broadway they made small talk
G2       G                    G2               G
When she brings his eggs and fills his coffee cup
    C(9)            C6/9         C(9)                 C6/9
he jokes about his love life and tells her he's about ready to give up
F2                  C/E         Cm/Eb
  thats when she sais I been there before but keep on lookin
     G/D                D            C
'cause maybe who you're lookin for is

C               D/C       C              
Somebody in the next car, somebody on the morning train
G               D/G              G                 D/G
somebody in the coffee shop that you walk right by everyday
C                 D/C         C             D/C
somebody that you look at but never really see
G                    D               F2
somewhere out there, there's somebody

Verse 2:
Across town in a crowded elevator, he cant forget the things that waitress said. He 
reads the paper but todat he reads a stranger's face instead.its that blue eyed girl from 
floors up.maybe shes the one maybe he could fall in love with....


Verse 3:
Now they laugh about the moment that it happened, the moment they both missed until that 
When he saw his future in her eyes instead of just another friendly face. And he 
why, hes searched so long, when she was always there at that diner waitin on

D  G                 Dsus     D               
C/E Cm/Eb Dsus G
 Oh somewhere out there there is somebody
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