Reba Mcentire - Consider Me Gone tab

BY REBA McEntire

Intro:e----------------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------|A-----5-7-6-5---(Violin Fill)--------5-7-6---(Violin Fill)-------------|E-5-7---------------------------5-8-------8----------------------------|
VERSE 1: (F)Every time I turn the conver(C)sation to somethin' deeper than the (G) weather, I can you (F) all but shuttin' down (F)And when I need an expli(C)nation for where you're going, I start (G) thinkin' that lookin', we're (F) lookin' at goodbye BRIDGE: (G) What you're not sayin' is (F) comin' in loud and clear (G) We're at a crossroad (F)here CHORUS: If I'm not the (C) one that you (F) can't stand to lose If I'm not that(G) arrow through the heart of you If you don't (C) get drunk on my (F) kiss If you (G) think you can do (C) better than this Than I (F) guess we're (G) done let's not(F) drag this (G) on (N.C) Consider me gone (REPEAT INTRO) (REPEAT STRUM PATTERN FOR NEXT VERSE) (REPEAT CHORUS) BRIDGE 2: (F)Consider me a (C) memory (F)Consider me the (C) past (F) Consider me a (C) smile in an old photograph someone who (G) used to make you laugh GUITAR SOLO:
(REPEAT CHORUS)(REPEAT INTRO)OUTRO:e-6-7/8-8/9-9/10-10/11-11/12-12-13/15-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
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