Reba Mcentire – When You Have A Child chords

CAPO 1st Fret:

Cadd11 CWhen you have a child
Cadd11 C You learn it's a serious business
Am D/A Am D/ATo have a little fun
Gadd11 GYou give grace and get forgiveness
Gadd11 Not seven times seven
G Cadd11 C Cadd11 CBut seven times seventy-one
And when you have a child Those four walls you call a house Take on a life of it's own When you bring 'em home You will cry and you will laugh When they hurt it cuts you in half
Gadd11 GIt's your flesh and bone
Em AmAnd year after year
Em AmPictures fill page after page
Em AmThey never really grow up
Em AmStill your baby at any age
Dm The first time you hold 'em
CIt's like you see God's smile
F Gadd11 GWhat a smile
Cadd11 CWhen you have a child
And then boy meets girl And perfume and gasoline Rain on your perfect world Curfews are often broken Thank you’ s aren't spoken
DmHe's got the keys to that old Dodge
CAnd she's wearing a corsage
F Gadd11 GAnd her mama's pearls
And year after year Pictures fill page after page They never really grow up Still your baby at any age And the first time you hold 'em It's like you feel God's smile What a smile
Cadd11 CWhen you have a child
Am Bb (Dm)You pray that phone call never comes
C/E F And if God forbid
GHow would you live
G#dim AmHow could you go on
FAnd on and on and on
And year after year Close the chapter and turn the page Blue ribbons and losing seasons Flipping tassles on the stage Oh but you don't need a photograph You've got at least a million Pictures of that smile When you close your eyes When you love a child Ohh when you love a child
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