Rebecca Lynn Howard – Forgive chords

Dsus D   C    C*  C  C** D

G D I always said that'd be it
C DThat I wouldn't stick around, if it ever came to this
G D Here I am, so confused
C Dhow am I supposed to leave, when I can't even move
Em In the time it would have took to say
C "Honey I'm home, how was your day?"
Em You dropped a bomb right where we live
G and just expect me to forgive
D That's a mighty big word for such a small man
C G and I'm not sure I can
D 'cause I don't even know now who I am
Dsus D C C* C C** D G It's too soon for me to say "forgive"
D I should ask but I won't
C DWas it love or just her touch, 'cause I don't think I wanna know
G D So get you some things and get out (get out)
C Ddon't call me for a day or two so I can sort this out
EmWell you might as well have ripped the life
C Right out of me right there tonight
Emand through the falling tears you said
G "Can you ever just forgive"
[Repeat Chorus]
D C You know what they say
G D G Forgive and Forget, Relive and Regret
[Repeat Chorus]
Dsus D C C* C C** D G It's too soon for me to say "forgive"
----------------------------------------------- Dsus: [xx0233] C*: [x32030] C**: [x32000]
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