Forgive Me chords with lyrics by Rebecca St James - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Rebecca St James – Forgive Me chords

Am C F


Am C For all the times I failed you Lord
C Forgive me
Am C F For all the ways I've fallen short
CLord, Forgive me now
G C/E God, I'm so in need of grace
F AmI fall upon my face
C/G Am F Forgive me now
Verse 2
Am C F You see the tears fall down my face
AmForgive me
C FTake my fear Lord take my shame
CLord forgive me now
G C/E Purify me make me new
F Amlike only you can do
C/G Am F Forgive me now
C G C/E F Am G Am Fsus2
Am Fmaj7 Lord we come to honor you
AmWe are forgiven
C FWe bring our love and thanks to you
Cwe are forgiven now
G C/E God we praise you for your grace
F AmBefore you we are raised
Gsus F/A Am Forgiven
C G C/EOh God, we praise You for your grace
F Am Gsus Am Before You we are raised, forgiven.
Fmaj7 Am C F
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