Rebecca Sugar - Susan Strong chords

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUSAN STRONG - Rebecca Sugar-------------------------------------------------------------------------------(From Adventure Time)Tabbed by: DannyKHMSCE-mail:
Tuning: STANDARD I tabbed this by listening to the song in the episode. I did it for guitar and ukulele, either work, except in the last part, which is just the chords I created that fit the arp-like sound at the end, but fit pretty well. Even though in the episode Jake uses a guitar, it really sounds to me like a ukulele, but the guitar works too. In the last part, I used these variations of Em7 (and C/B just in case)
Em7 (1st time) Em7 (2nd time) C/Be|-------3-----------------0----------------0-------------------------------|B|-------3-----------------3----------------1-------------------------------|G|-------0-----------------0----------------0-------------------------------|D|-------2-----------------0----------------2-------------------------------|A|-------2-----------------2----------------2-------------------------------|E|-------0-----------------0----------------x-------------------------------|
GSusan Strong,
DThis is where you belong.
CHangin' with me,
DOn a fallen tree.
GDon't you think you deserve this?
DTo live up here on the surface?
CI think you do,
D7And I think all your friends do too!
Em DHow long have you lived in the darkness?
C GI just want to show you the light!
B7Because you're a human,
EmJust like me Susan,
CAnd I want you in my life.
Em7 EmSusan Strong,
Em7 C/BYou turn my heart on!
If you're using an ukulele, the chords for this last part are: Em7 Em Em7 CFor both times, use this variation of Em7A|----5---------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----3---------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----4---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----4---------------------------------------------------------------------|
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