Rebecca Sugar – Oh Bubblegum chords

G EmSlime Princess, you're alright!
C D7Flame Princess, you're okay.
G EmWildberry Princess could be better.
C D7All of the princesses are pretty alright, but...
G B7 Em Oh, Bubblegum!
C GYou look like a lot of fun!
B7 EmI'm right outside!
C GAnd that is how I know.
EmHey, princess, did you get my text?
C D7 With a picture of my awesome gun-show!
G Em I'm also working on my pecs!
C D7If you like, I'll send ya'a picture of that, too.
G B7 Em C Oh Bubblegum, I really need someone
G B7 Em C Or anyone, pretty much anyone...
G B7 Em C G Em I'm so alone! Won't somebody tell me what's wrong with me!?
Am D7 G Em Am D7 GAnybody? Anybody? Anybody! Anybody!
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