Rebecca Sugar - The Missing Scene chords

CRemember the time,
Bwe played video games outside?
Am D GOr the time that cake got stuck inside a tree?
CRemember can you try,
Bwhen I almost nearly died?
Am D GWithout you there I don't know I'd be
C Am Give me the liberty
G F To guess what you mean to me-e-e...
C B/Em Fiona, Fiona-a-a
Am GYou're my girl, you're my bro-hee,
Fwere tight like girly jeans
C B Fiona, Fio-o-ona-a-a
Am GYou'll always be my bro
FWere FM radio
C BCause like, when you put the first two of our names together
Gthat's what it spells
B Yeahhh
Am G C Ooooooooohhhhhhh
B Am Yeahhh
G CNa-na-na-na-na!!!!!
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