Rebekka Karijord – Wear It Like A Crown chords ver. 2

Left handed
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Am EmI donґt know where this fear comes from
G Fhow I became so afraid of losing everyone
Am Emnever been afraid of being lonely
G Fnow Iґm becoming the one Iґm most scared of being
Am Em G FI donґt know where this fear comes from
this fear of failing fear of letting everyone and myself down its growing deep into my soul making me all paralyzed and cold
Am Em G FItґs two steps forward, three steps back again
Iґll turn my face against it I wonґt run Courage and belief are my redeems No one else can rescue me it seems
Am Em G FCause if I donґt follow my heart this time
Iґm gonna forget what this life is all about Iґm gonna take that path Iґm going in on my own I'm gonna take that fear and wear it like a crown
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