Rebel Son - Long Tall Bottle chords


INTRO:   A   E   A

A D AI wanna long tall bottle of beer put me in high gear
fis D E Well that woman just left me, I'm drinking and drowning my tears
A D A fisWell by the time this night is through I'm not gonna have a slightest clue
A E AWhy in the hell that girl made me feel so damn blue
A D AI want a long tall bottle of vine and I'll feel just fine
fis D E I'm gonna put her worthless memory way behind
A D A fisWell by the morning light I'm gonna be feeling just right
A E ACause I'm drinking that woman above my mind tonight
A D AI want a long tall bottle of whiskey to set it down right here
fis D EWell my head will be clear and I'll be full of good cheer
A D A fisI'm gonna drink my blues away so just like Battle Georgia say
A E A DI want one bourbon and one scotch and one beer if you please me
A E fis DGive me long tall bottle that'll set me free, oh Lord
A E D E AI'm gonna drink till I can't feel what she's done to me
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