Rebelution - More Than Ever tab

sounds sweet, try this

Introe|-----------4--3---4-3-1---1---|B|-----------5--4---------4-----|G|-----------6--5---------------|D|-------3---6--5---------------|A|-----3-----4--3---------------|E|-1-4--------------------------| (piano ! !)
Melodye|-----8-----9-11--9-8-6-8-6------------------|B|--9--9----11-13-11-9-8-9-8--9-8-8-8----8--9-|G|-10------------------------10-8-8-8--8-8-10-|D|------------------------------------10------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------| pinch these notes
e|----8-6-----|B|---9----9-8-|G|-10---------|D|------------|A|------------|E|------------| short interlude
e|-----8----11--9-11-8--9------8-6---------------|B|--9--9----13-11-13-9-11-8/9--9-8--9-8--9/11—-9-|G|-10---------------------8/10-----10-8-10/12-10-|D|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------| third time use this
Versee|--8----6------6-----8-|B|--9----6------8-----9-|G|-10----7------8----10-|D|-10----8------8----10-|A|--8----8------6-----8-|E|-------6--------------| Fm A#/Bb D#/Eb Fm
upstrokes twice each Bridge {use same chords as verse, listen for rhythm}
Outroe|--8-6----6-8-6-----6--------6-----|B|6--------------9-8---9----9---9-8-|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------| La la la la la
Just like I said before give me two weeks When I come home I'll come and say hello With hugs and kisses for you Mrs. how I've missed you so Been gone forever nothing better than to see you though And tell me how you been Don't act surprised this is how I am I'm feeling good and that's real You and me should kick it more than ever Remember me and you Remember when we'd sit Talk face to face and wonder whether we'd be making it And chat for hours 'bout the leftist side of government I'd sit and listen to your words and I'd be loving it Now the times have changed Older but we always stay the same I'm filling up the whole lane You and me should kick it more than ever Tabbed by: Coren
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