Reckless Kelly - Ragged As The Road chords


Intro: D.....

DThis road I'm on it's black top and gravel
F#/D G DIt's a faded blue line, this road I travel
G D Bm GAnd it's a well worn path it's a cold bar ditchss
D C G A||It's a brake man sleepin on a dead man's switch-i
D G A DAnd I'm rollin, faster than a locomotive
G A DTougher than the edge of the rockies
Bm G A DHotter than a smoking gun, ragged as the road I'm on
This road I'm on it's been cracked by the cold It's been scorched by the sun searched by the soul And it's a working back breakin' it's a pick axe swinging It's steel wheels turning on steel rails singing Chorus Solo: Bm G D A This road lies ahead, like life on a brush It's a virgin canvas, free from human touch And it's ours for the taking, or the leaving behind It's a ghost of the past with the future to find chorus Bm G A Chorus End: Bm G A D
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